Kidney Pool Style

The kidney shape is a classic pool design and a fabulous choice for a natural design. A kidney pool is also a great solution for tighter spaces. Often times, lot lines, building set backs, or even steep grade changes can limit the space available for a pool. A kidney shape can be placed up tight against these restraints and fill in a corner of the site. This allows the remainder of the space to be used to access the pool and create living area towards the house.

Key West Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Key West

Available in 16', 21', 27', and 30'

The godfather of the freeform design the Key West style offers ideal lines for the relaxed and intimate landscape. The wrap around configuration will fit the tightest of spaces and provide the perfect space for entertaining.

Crispin Fiberglass Swimming Pool


Available in 16'

The Crispin is a plunge pool with serious style. The Crispin can be made into a small pool, a large spa, or both earning it a new class called a 'Spool.' With an optional full or partial wrap around bench seat, the Crispin is a versatile as it is unique.

pixie model fiberglass tanning

Pixie Tanning

Available in 16'

The Pixie Tanning ledge is one of the largest free standing ledges on the market. The Pixie ledge features the same timeless freeform lines as our other kidney shapes but is only 10" deep. Place it next to almost any pool in the line and you have a place for up to eight of your best friends to tan the day away.


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