35 Year Structural Installation Warranty

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Luxury Pools and Living adopts the world’s best practice in fiberglass swimming pool construction and installation enabling us to offer a 35 Year Structural Warranty on each of our fiberglass swimming pools. This means you’ll get the most impressive warranty on the market today!

With our experience in the construction trade, adoption of best practice methodology, and the most innovative process you can have the confidence that you are purchasing one of the finest fiberglass swimming pools available in the market.

5 Year 'Bumper to Bumper' Systems Warranty

fiberglass swimming pool warranty stamp

Luxury Pools and Living offers an unprecedented no hassle component warranty on all of our systems. This warranty is above and beyond the typical 1 year manufacture warranty. Pump, Filter, Automation, Lighting, Water features, Automatic Cover... This is something unique that no other company provides and is unquestionably the BEST warranty in the pool industry. How’s that for peace of mind!*

One Time Transferable Structural Warranty

Moving to a new home? No problem! Luxury Pools one-time transferable warranty makes it easy. Just write to Luxury Pools and Living, 1605 Shawnee Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43211 to request the warranty transfer package. This structural warranty transfer package is available for a one-time fee of $500.00. This warranty transfer package includes an on-site inspection and a pool school orientation for the new owner. The inspection and subsequent transfer must be completed within (90) days of the date of closing, where the pool shell was originally installed. The original purchaser must have properly completed the Warranty Registration at the time of the original product purchase for the Warranty or Warranty Transfer Package to be valid. The transfer of the warranty is subject to the acceptance by Luxury Pools and Living on site inspector.

*Warranty covers original owner. Damage from power surges are not included. Does not cover physical damage from impacts of foreign items. Owner must employ LPL to preform winterizations. Owner must keep water balanced and maintain water chemistry records. Warranty is 100% Parts and Labor for 36 months after completion, prorated to parts and labor to 50% after 36 months, and 25% parts and labor at 48 months.


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