The Outback is a special cross between a plunge pool and a sport pool. Large enough for family fun and pool games, yet still small enough for tighter spaces. Clean lines, a European flavor, and rich features make this a great pool for the traditional or contemporary PoolScape.

outback model inground fiberglass swimming pool
outback model fiberglass swimming pool feature diagram outback model fiberglass swimming pool sizes

- Features & Benefits -

  • 360 Degree access - Multiple orientation options
  • Symmetrical design - Allows left or right orientation
  • Rectangular footprint - Ideal for automatic retractable safety covers
  • Rectangular footprint - Increased value - More pool for your investment

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outback maxx ledge pool model diagram outback maxx ledge pool model sizes


outback lounger pool model diagram outback lounger pool model sizes

Outback Escape

outback escape pool model outback escape pool model diagram outback escape pool model sizes

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