Pool and Component Warranties. How does that work?

Pool and Component Warranties. How does that work?

Building a swimming pool is similar to building a house. There are many components that go into the house with different manufactures warranties for each of them. Windows, roofing, appliances, siding, and sometimes even flooring can all come with manufacturer warranties. If and when it comes time to call upon those warranties understanding who services them and what is covered is important. Your inground pool and its components are no different.

First is the fiberglass pool its self. The manufacturer of the shell will provide this warranty. It typically includes a structural and finish warranty. Each have their own respective terms and limitations. Make sure you read your warranty and registration card to activate and validate your warranty. Also be sure that you know what items are not covered by warranty such as damage caused as a result of DRAINING your swimming pool.

Next come components such as the pump, filter, chlorinator, lights, and or transformer. Each of these components also come with their own manufacturer warranty. Pumps are the most common item that can fail and are costly to replace. Most pool pump warranties are to the tune of 90 days full replacement to one year on parts. The typical pump is going to last five to seven years if properly plumbed and cared for. If it's going to fail early, it's usually going to do so within months.

Filters are pretty hands-off. The media itself is not a going to be warrantied but the housing is. A 3-year warranty is not uncommon and as long as you are not abusive to your filter while removing the lid, it should frankly last a lot longer anyway. Keep in mind that the rubber O-ring in the lid and the pressure gauge are not part of the warranty and will need replaced periodically.

Electronics such as salt chlorinators are the most complicated. They are basically small computers vulnerable to the same types of problems that other electronics are. I prefer to use systems made by AutoPilot. They have a great warranty and stand behind their product. Most manufacturers have a separate warranty on the cell and the power unit as well as offer a separate residential and commercial warranty. Be sure know what you're buying before you need to make a claim and keep in mind that no manufacturer will warranty a power surge.

Lighting. Cut and dry. Most lighting systems are warrantied two to five years but exclude the lamp (bulb) itself and any transformer installed to power the unit if it is low voltage. The reason is simple. A perfectly good transformer and lamp(s) can be perfectly destroyed with a power surge. Replacing the transformer and bulb is not a difficult process but can be a decent check to write if they all fry. Best way to help mitigate possible damage is to have a whole house surge protector installed.

Heat pumps. Five years is what a reputable manufacturer will provide a residential customer. Heat Siphon boasts a five-year parts and labor warranty on the compressor and a LIFETIME exchanger warranty. If you register nothing else PLEASE register your heat pump. Also note MOST ONLINE PURCHASES of pool components do not come with a warranty.

We all hope to that we never need to use warranties. Should that time come be sure to keep a couple of things in mind. First remember that the warranty is provided by the manufacturer not the dealer. Though you are our customer, and we absolutely WANT to support you and our products, all manufacturers service and authorize their own work. That means that you need to go through them first. Once they are notified and approve the replacement or work, they will provide the needed parts and allow to perform the work. Think of the components of your pool like your appliances. You may have purchased your refrigerator from Lowes for you new house, but if it breaks your likely going to call Maytag and not Lowes or your home builder.

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