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Yes you heard me correctly. There are people that should in fact buy a vinyl liner pool. I estimate that somewhere around 5% of residential pool buyers should look at installing a vinyl liner in ground pool. There are some customer that have a project parameters that just cant always be accomplished with fiberglass pools. This segment of the market is typically going to fall into needing one of the following: Read More...
Building a swimming pool is similar to building a house. There are many different components that go into the house with different manufactures warranties for each of them. Windows, roofing, appliances, siding, and sometimes even flooring can all come with manufacturer warranties. If and when it comes time to call upon those warranties understanding who services them and what is covered is important. Your pool and its components are no different. Read More...
As a fiberglass pool installer I am often asked about the strength and differences of a fiberglass pool compared to concrete or vinyl. These are easy to demonstrate in layman's terms Read More...
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