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So you want to install your own fiberglass pool. OK. For most people the prospect of installing their own pool means savings. The process of installing a fiberglass pool is not that difficult. Most mechanical people after a glance over some installation pictures have a basic handle on it. Dig, set, backfill, form and pour the concrete. Let's face it $3,000-$5,000 in potential savings can get about anyone's attention. Read More...
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the pool industry this saying most certainly applies to the use of use and installation of sump tubes. Sump tubes are pipes installed at the deep end of a pool that run vertically from the pool deck to the very bottom of the pool floor. Diameters may vary, but it must to be large enough to allow for a sump pump to be placed into the well – typically 8". Read More...
Spring's the best time to build a pool right? WRONG. I'm not sure how the idea became so common, but for some reason most people think the spring is the time to build pools, fences, houses, landscapes and other outdoor project. The truth is there is absolutely not a harder time to build a pool, or anything else outside, than spring. The reasons, though simple, may not be so obvious. Read More...
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