How much space do you need to get in my back yard?

Customers often ask me "Is the crane is included?" No it's not is my stock answer.

Not a lot of room

The truth is that a crane is almost never needed to install a pool. In fact all it really does is increase the risk and the cost of the project. The neighbors may get a charge out of it and it may be thrilling for the pool guy but in my opinion its reckless and unneeded with the right planning, diligence, and patience. See what can happen when a crane is

Holy Canoly

If we have 10'-6" of clearance between 2 houses we can get ANY pool installed. It does take some added care and consideration but its very doable. This project is about as tight as it gets. Actual travel width was on 9'-6". We moved the gas meter for the day for a couple extra inches of clearance. Once the lawn protection mats were in place we brought the excavator back and started digging.

On a tighter site the dirt can be taken out to the street and loaded into the dump truck. This takes additional time and expense so if at all possible we prefer to get the truck to the hole. This allows us to load directly into the truck and not have to double handle the dirt. This is not always for the faint of heart. As you can see from the picture to the left we have a whole 6" on each side.

Once the dirt is out and the gravel is in its time for the pool. This is where the magic begins. We have a trailer / dolly we use to get in and out of super tight spaces. This devise is moved around by a skid loader or sometimes a mini loader. It allows us to get the pool down to a width of just 7'-6" when the pool is placed on the strait vertical.

Pool dolly trailer

The pool below is a 40' x 16' and is perhaps the tightest space we've ever gotten a pool through. It is so tight that a crane wouldn't have fit had we wanted to use one. On one side is the house and the other is a line of trees that were not to be damaged. After positioning the pool on the dolly we carefully and slowly maneuver the pool into the back yard. The AC unit was moved towards the house a few inches and put back once we were through.

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