Barrier Reef Dealer Application

Business Information

Are you a member of The Better Business Bureau?

Yes  |  No

Does your state require a specific license to build pools?

Yes  |  No

Do you have current liability insurance?

Yes  |  No

Are there any pending lawsuits or complaints against you or your company with any local or government agency?

Yes  |  No

Qualification of Experience

If not currently in the pool industry, what is your primary line of business?

Are you a member of APSP?

Yes  |  No

Have you ever installed fiberglass pools?

Yes  |  No

Which pools are you experienced in installing?

Fiberglass  |  Gunite  |  Inground Vinyl Liner  |  Above Ground  |
In Ground Spas  |  Portable Spas

Marketing Plan

Forms of marketing you are currently participating in.

Home Shows  |  Yellow Pages  |  Display Pools  |  Newspapers

Do you intend to invest in a display pool this year?

Yes  |  No

Trade References

Reference One

How long have you had an account with this company?

Reference Two

How long have you had an account with this company?

Banking Information

Your Local Area

How many other fiberglass dealers are there in your area?

What is the closest large town to your location?

1605 Shawnee Ave, Columbus, OH 43211 | Columbus (614) 890-7665 | Cincinnati (513) 755-7665
11470 Hawke Rd, Columbia Station, OH 44028 | Cleveland (440) 237-7665
9295 Franklin Rd, Murfreesboro, TN 37128 | Nashville (615) 900-2181
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